WordPress is an online, free blogging system hosted by Automattic that runs on the PHP programming language, which is a form of the general-purpose scripting language PHP. The service is free and open-source and is written in the PHP programming language. It is distributed under the GPL and uses free and open-source software for its development. WordPress is free, easy to use, and available in various licensing options for individuals, organizations, and commercial users.

WordPress has become one of the most powerful CMS that helps us create a beautiful website. You can use WordPress to publish your website online. It’s a content management system that makes it easy to build and manage your site and free to use.

What is a WordPress Website?

A WordPress website is a great tool to build and maintain your presence on the Web. It’s important to remember that even with just a basic understanding, owning a website can give you a concrete identity on the web, and provide a foundation for any online presence you want to create.

WordPress is an incredibly powerful website creation tool that allows for the creation of a completely custom website with the simplicity of a blog. It’s also one of the most popular website creation tools in the world, with more than 60 million active websites. WordPress is a CMS, or content management system, that makes creating and managing websites easy, and that allows you to save a lot of time.

A WordPress website is a collection of files that are housed on a web server and are used to provide content to the Internet. A website can be anything from a simple collection of text and images, to a large, complex site that includes a blog, forum, or other feature that provides content or functionality. The primary components of a website include a “front page” which contains the navigation, some text, and a link for the homepage and an “archive” which contains the back end of the site including all of the site’s content.

Why Choose WordPress to Make a Website?

There are many different types of WordPress websites: blogs, for example, are a good way for people to share content and connect with others online. Personal websites are also sometimes called “personal blogs”. Business websites are a great way to help people tell their story and show visitors exactly who they are. Portfolios, which are personal and public websites, are a great way to highlight your work.

First, WordPress is completely free and open source. It has a user base of millions of people around the world and offers many features. WordPress has its own design language and can be used to power a website as well as build a fully functioning application.

How to create a WordPress website from Hosting Cpanel

We will follow a process through which we can easily install WordPress Website in our hosting panel.

To do this we first need to log in to our Cpanel. From there we have to go to “Softaculous apps installer” and basically from here, we will select WordPress.


After that, a WordPress install page will appear, from there we will do the work very easily. Click on Install Now from here or from this page.


After that, a WordPress site setup page will come in front of us, from here we will basically install the WordPress site. On this page basically, first, we can give HTTP/HTTPS for “ask to select website URL”. After that, the name of the website is the default, so it will be like this.


Then we need to complete the steps below for this basically we need:

  • Site Name,
  • Site Description
  • Admin Username
  • Admin Password

And Advanced Options has some important options such as Database Name, Table Prefix. The name of Table Prefix should be changed.


After that, if you click on install, the site will be created within a few minutes.


The site will then be created within a few minutes. From here you will get your site Dashboard and site link.

This is the way which is very easy and from now we can install our WordPress website by ourselves. So you can follow this method. Thank you!!

How can I upload a WordPress theme?

To upload a WordPress theme you need to click on a theme from appearance. After that you will come to a page then you can upload your theme by clicking the “Add new” option on that page.

How to install a plugin?

We can do this from the plugin option in our dashboard. Click Add New from Plugins. You can install all kinds of WordPress plugins.

How to create a post?

You can add a post by going to the Posts option of your WordPress website dashboard and clicking on the Add New option. Post’s dashboard offers a variety of features. Such as headings, paragraphs, etc.

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