Keyword research is one of the most important parts of online marketing. Learning the best way to do Keyword Research is not difficult at all! You just need a great Keyword Research guide! If you want to rank on the first page of Google, you need to find high-volume, relevant, and low competition keywords that will help you generate more traffic and increase your website’s organic search ranking. It is one of the most important parts of SEO, and it is a good process for finding the most profitable keywords that you use on your website. This is done through the use of keyword research tools, such as the Google keyword tool, the google trends tool, etc. Keyword research helps you find the best possible keywords, and phrases to use on your site. so that you can then optimize it for the search engines.

A profitable keyword means a right customer. If you work with the wrong keywords, it may not be profitable for you. That’s why you need to do keyword research for your website. You need to understand which keywords are profitable for you.

And also, you need to understand what is your goal? What kind of website are you doing keyword research for? If you go to research keywords without understanding your goal, then those keywords may not work for you or your business or website. That’s why you need to understand your main Goal.

What is Keyword?

keyword is a word or a phrase that is used to search for a specific topic on the internet.  Keywords are often used to find specific websites or information on the internet when you are using a search engine to find information. Keywords are a great way to find just what you need on the internet and to save time.  Remember, you can use keywords in lots of different ways to find out your information. Here are some examples:

  • To find a website, information, or people; 
  • To find a product or a company; 
  • To find a person or a group of people; 
  • To find a blog; 
  • To find a new job; 
  • To find a new hobby; 
  • To find a new course of study; etc.

In a similar way, we find our specific information through keywords. Now I will give you a real example accordingly. Suppose I want to buy a smartphone. But I do not know the price of a smartphone. Now I did a job, I found out the price of that smartphone from online. I typed “iPhone price in Bangladesh” and did a Google search. Here you need to pay attention, I wrote “iPhone price in Bangladesh”. Right! This is the keyword. I hope now you totally understand what is the keyword.

From these keywords, we find head or short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords. Do you know what is the head keywords and long-tail keywords? In this part on the best way to do keyword research, we will discuss head keywords and long-tail keywords. We will try to understand this now.

Head keyword: We also know a short-tail keyword as a head keyword. Short-tail keywords are words that are shorter than normal. They are also sometimes referred to as “shorter” keywords. Short-tail keywords are those terms that would help a user find a piece of content. Short-tail keywords are more likely to be used to understand the content on a particular page. They are also used to find content on a particular page as the user is searching for content within the website. The short-tailed keyword is when a sentence has only 1-3 words.

The competition for head keywords is high and the conversion rate is low. This means that if you work with head keywords early (if your site is new), you will not be able to rank your site easily. You shouldn’t, working early on these types of keywords.

Long-tail keyword: Long-tail keywords are the more specific words within a search query that can help a user rank higher in search results. A long-tail keyword is one that is more specific than a head keyword. For example, the keyword “college football” is a head keyword while “football” and “college football best player” are long-tail keywords.

Here, The competition for long-tail keywords is low and the conversion rate is high. You can work with these keywords early on for your site. By working with long-tail keywords you can easily rank and get high-quality organic traffic. The long-tailed keyword is when a sentence has only 3+ words.

What is Keyword Research?


It is the process of identifying, analyzing, and optimizing the most important keywords for a piece of content, which will help to improve its position in search engine results pages (SERPs). Keyword research is an integral part of any SEO campaign. By understanding what your competitors are ranking for in the SERPs, you can improve your own rankings. Keyword research can also help to improve conversions for your website. It’s also the process of finding the best profitable keywords for the content on a page. which is used for on-site optimization and off-site optimization.

It involves using research methods to discover the most valuable keywords for a website. This process is often used to optimize web pages. However, it is important to note that the process of keyword research is different for different types of content. For example, for a blog post, the process of keyword research will be different from a news article. Again, for an AdSense website, the process of keyword research will be different from that of an affiliate website. That’s the thing.

Why is Keyword Research Important in SEO?

Keyword research is a critical part of any online marketing strategy. So, In this part(best way to do keyword research) we will discuss why it is important in SEO. Keyword research involves identifying which words or phrases people are most likely to use to search for your products or services. This can help you improve your search ranking and build better conversion rates. When performed correctly, keyword research can also identify new opportunities for growth and revenue.

The right keywords can help you generate high-quality traffic and increase your conversion rates. Which we already know. Right! However, choosing the wrong keywords can result in a poor online presence and lost potential customers. As a result, it’s important to choose the right keywords for your business.

It’s the process of finding the right terms to target on your website to improve your rankings in the search engine results. Keyword research is the process of finding the most profitable terms to target on your website. It’s an analytics tool that helps you understand your website’s performance and where you can improve.

Keyword research is important for two primary reasons. First, it helps you identify the most effective ways to reach new and existing customers, which ultimately increases the amount of revenue you generate. Second, it helps you identify the most profitable keywords to focus on when investing resources in your SEO campaign.

How Keyword Research Can Help Increase My Site Traffic


Keyword research is a great way to identify the most popular and highest-compensating keywords on the internet. This knowledge can be used to optimize content and ad campaigns so that they are the highest-compensating and most popular, which will increase the amount of traffic to your website. Keyword research is the process of determining which keywords are the most important to the customers when they are searching for a product or a service on the internet.

By understanding what keywords are most important to customers when they are searching for a product or a service on the internet, service marketers can optimize content that specifically addresses those searches and can increase the traffic to their website. In order to perform keyword research, it is necessary to first define the scope of the analysis.

Keyword research is also a great way to determine the competitiveness of a particular market. By analyzing the most important and highest-volume keywords in a particular market, service marketers can determine the maximum competition they face when trying to rank for those keywords. This can help service marketers determine where to focus their marketing efforts and which keywords to avoid.

It’s can be accomplished in many ways, but the most common way is by using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Using the keyword tool is a great way to get a broad overview of the most popular keywords in a given market, but it is also important to drill down into the individual keywords to determine which ones are most relevant to your business. This can be done by using the AdWords Keyword Tool, which allows users to see the estimated number of searches that will be made for a particular keyword based on the content that is already being displayed on the first page of Google results.

Whenever you bring your website to the top of Google search results with that keyword, you will get a lot of organic traffic.

How many types of keywords are there?

There are several types of keywords. In the best way to do keyword research in the keyword type section, we will try to understand keyword types. If we know these types, we will not have any problems in future keyword research. We will now discuss these things in more detail.


Product/service keywords: Service is a keyword that refers to a product or a service. An example: Smart TV.

Brand keywords: If we add a brand name to our keyword, it is a brand keyword. An example: Walton Smart TV.

Modifier keywords: Keywords that are basically modifier versions are called modifier keywords. An example: Portable Smart TV.

Entity keywords: The keyword that refers to a shop, is called Entity keywords. An example: Smart TV Shop.

Geographic keywords: The keyword that refers to a specific area, is called Geographic keywords. An example: Smart TV Shops in The USA.

Demographic keywords: Keywords that indicate a specific gender is called Demographic keywords. An example: Pink Smart TV For Men.

Call-to-action keywords: The keywords used to refer to actions are called call-to-action keywords. As an example: Buy Smart TV.

Educational keywords: The keywords that are used to know something, and to collect information, are called educational keywords. An example: How to Buy Smart TV.

B2B keywords: Keywords that refer to wholesale are called B2B keywords. An example: Smart TV Wholesale.

How to find keywords

At first, you need to know your niche. Because you need to find your keywords from your niche or sub-niche. In this part(best way to do keyword research) I want to talk about how to find keywords in your niche, to help you rank higher and get more traffic on your site.

Do Brainstorming:

At first, you need to think like a user. Suppose, your main keyword is “skateboard”. Now, as a user, you need to think about what other keywords might be related to “skateboard”. Then note down those keywords in your keyword list. For example, Skateboard related keywords that are coming to my mind now, are skateboard for beginners, skateboard for kids, skateboard for women, skateboard for men, buy a skateboard online, skateboard for sale online, etc. I can take note of all these keywords. Right!

So that’s how you first have to think like a user. In fact, what other users write and search for and start thinking like them.

From Google search engine:

Keyword finds from a search engine(google) are probably the most common and a great way to find new and relevant keywords for a website. When using a search engine(google), the user enters a keyword into the search bar. The search engine(google) then performs a search for web pages that contain that keyword. The user can then view the top web pages that were ranked by the search engine, and extract some of the top keywords from each page. We can take keywords from 3 parts of the search engine. For example, Title and Description, Instant Result, Suggested Result. It’s a grateful part of the search engines(google) to find the best keyword. You can know from this guide(Best way to do keyword research), how to find keywords from 3 parts of a search engine(google).

Title and Description: When we search, we see a lot of results in the SERP. In that search result, we can take the good keywords from the title and description. I give you an example: I searched for “skateboard for beginners”. Now I will try to get good keywords from search result titles and descriptions.

Instant Result: Every search engine has instant results. It’s also a great place to take the most relevant keyword for your website. Whenever we want to search for something, the search engine shows us more relevant queries in front of us. From this place, we can take the keywords as per our choice.

Suggested Result: This is also a great place to choose the best keywords. Whenever we go to search for something, the search engine puts Suggested Result below our search result. We can also take our relevant keywords from this great place(Suggested Result).

This way we can take the keywords that go with our keywords from the great places in the search engine. Keywords that will help our website rank very easily. We have to choose our keywords very carefully. Because if you choose the wrong keyword, it may not be profitable for you.

Oh, I forgot you can also find the keywords from “People also ask” in the google search result. From here you can find different types of question-based keywords.

Use Bing and Youtube:

Here you will find the keywords in the same process as Google. It’s a also good place to find out the best keyword. You can also take the keywords from the search results of this search engine, Title, and Description, Instant Result, Suggested Result, and People also ask.

Another side from Youtube, you can get instant results. Another side, you can get keywords from Youtube instant suggested results. It’s also another good place to find your related keywords.

These are the process of finding keywords manually. We waste a lot of time trying to follow this process. Then we find the good keywords. But if we want, we can find the keywords very easily and in less time. For this, we need a variety of keyword tools, with which we can work very easily. Then in the next part, we will discuss how we can find keywords by using keyword tools. Let’s go…

Best Keyword Research Tools

We already discussed how to find keywords without a tool? So, we know already without a tool, we are able to find keywords. And we also know that tools make the complete process very easier. The Keyword Research tool is a great way to get a broad understanding of the current state of the market so that you can better build your content and best optimize for the keywords that are most likely to drive your highest good revenue. You can use the Keyword Research Tool to find keywords that are still profitable, but that is less competitive. Here we will discuss keywords research tools. In this section(Best way to do keyword research), we will again discuss how to find keywords using the tools. Let’s start–

Google Keyword Planner:

Google Keyword Planner is an online tool that helps you find keywords that are most likely to drive traffic to your website. It’s also an excellent tool for discovering the keywords that people are using to find your website. It also shows you what people are searching for on Google.  You can use it to find the best keywords, work out what you should be targeting, and discover new keywords and phrases you didn’t know were being searched. You can then use these keywords to optimize your content and increase your chances of ranking higher on SERPs.

You need to create a Google Ads account to use this tool. It’s a straightforward process to create this account. It takes some minutes. After that, you will be able to use this tool. There you will see a tool called Keyword Planner. You can see an option called Tools and Settings from the Google Ads account homepage. You can see this tool by clicking there.

There you see two options. You need to click the first one. 

Then you can put your focus keyword here and click on the get results. You can do another thing here, you can select your targeted location.

Here you will find many keywords related to your focus keywords. You will see here the list of keywords.

In this process, you can find the list of keywords for your website. It’s a great tool to find the profitable and most relevant keywords. Keyword Planner is part of Google Advertising, so here you will see an option like competition. It’s not a keyword organic keyword competition. It’s competition for advertisers.

There is another advantage to this tool. That is, you can see the keywords of your competitors. After clicking on the “Discover new keywords” box you will see the option ‘start with a website “. You need to click there and also you need to put there your competitor’s URL.

After that, you will be able to see your competitor’s keywords. What do you say about this tool? Let us know in the comment box.

Google Trends:

Google Trends is a also great tool. This can be useful to find keywords that are more popular in a certain country. For example, you can use Google Trends to find keywords that are searched most often in the United States versus in Australia. This can help you find keywords that are more profitable or easier to rank for, depending on your desired destination country. You can also use Google Trends to find new keywords to pursue.  You can also use this tool to research competitors’ keywords to find out how often they are searched. 

Here you don’t need to create an account. Just you need to go to Google Trends. After that, you can do everything.

There you need to search your keyword. Then you can find the best keywords from “Related queries”. And also you will be able to compare this keyword. This keyword has more value in which country?


The Ahrefs Keyword Research tool is one of the most popular and most used tools when it comes to keyword research. The tool provides you with a range of powerful features that help you discover the most profitable keywords for your content and also that allow you to discover exactly what you’re looking for. You can use the Keyword Research Tool to find keywords that have a high level of competition, which will help you create content that is more likely to rank in the SERPs. You can also use this tool to find keywords that have the potential to bring in a lot of traffic, which will help you increase your website. The tool is very easy to use and provides a lot of information.

The first screen provides you with an overview of the most important information such as the number of keywords and the top pages that are ranking for those keywords. You can also find the top backlinks for that specific keyword. The second screen provides you with more in-depth information such as the average position states, the cost, and the Keyword monthly search volume, etc.

First, you need to create an account at Ahrefs account for use. After that, you will be able to find the keywords from Ahrefs. So, you need to click on the keyword explorer.

Then you need to enter your focus keyword, to find the keyword in the search box.

After that, you will get a list of many keywords from this tool. Then you can find the best keywords for your site content.


Ubersuggest is a keyword tool that helps you find the most profitable and relevant keywords for your online business. It uses algorithms to discover the most relevant and highest converting keywords for your niche and provides you with a list of suggestions for further research. It also identifies the best keywords that are currently being searched for on Google and Bing and generate a list of potential new keywords that you can use to build your online presence and increase traffic.

You will also need to create an account here to find keywords in Ubersuggest. Then you can find the keywords. After creating an account, you can see the overview of this tool, from there you have to click on “keywords”.

After you put your main keyword in the search box, select the country, click on the search option, then you will get a list of many keywords.


SEMrush is a keyword research tool that can be used to find the volume of keywords that are being searched for on a specific website. It will also show you which keywords are generating the most traffic. The Keyword Research tool on the platform allows users to research potential keywords to use in their advertising, as well as identify the most popular and profitable keywords on the platform. This allows users to plan and execute efficient digital marketing campaigns that yield high-quality traffic and conversion.

You also need to create an account in the SEMrush tool. Then you can find the keyword through it. You can also see an overview of this tool after creating an account. After that, you have to search by putting keywords in your search box.

Then you will find many keywords through this tool. Which you can’t believe. 


Answerthepublic is one of the most important tools that we are able to find the “question keywords”. This is the most important part of the Q&A platform. With this tool, you can easily find your keyword-related question keywords.

For this you need to go to the Answerthepublic website. Then you have to search there, based on your keywords.

You will then get a list of those keyword-related keywords. You can download these.


The Moz keyword tool is a way of finding and analyzing keywords that people use to find your website. Keywords are the most important part of your overall online presence. But if you’re not sure that keyword phrases are important, Moz’s keyword research tool very can help you research quickly and efficiently.

It also helps you find the perfect profitable keyword for your quality content. The Moz keyword tool can show you how to get more traffic, and how to get more customers, from the keywords you use. You can use the Moz keyword tool to find new keywords, too.

So you need to create an account to use this tool. Then you will be able to use this tool. From the Moz homepage, click on the Keyword Research option, from there you need to find the keywords. After that, you have to search by putting keywords in the search box in that tool. Then you will get those related keywords.


KW-Finder is an online keyword research tool that helps you find the most profitable keywords for your brand and improve your SEO. It provides a list of the most relevant and highest-earning keywords based on your brand, your industry, and other factors. You can use it to find the most profitable keywords for your brand, improve your SEO, and generate more organic traffic.

It also gives you a better understanding of how your competitors are ranking on the first page of Google, and what changes you need to make to rank higher.

To find keywords in KW-Finder, you first need to create an account. And then you need to put the keyword on the search box for the find keywords list. After that, you will be able to find a lot of keywords through it.

Keyword Revealer:

Keyword Revealer is a tool that allows you to find the most common and most profitable keywords for your website. It’s a tool that can save you a lot of time and improve the quality of your content. Using Keyword Revealer is easy: just type in the domain name/keywords of a webpage you want information about, and Keyword Revealer will provide you with a list of the most common and highest-earning keywords on that page. You can then use this information to improve the quality of your content and increase the organic search traffic of your website.

You also need to create an account with this tool. You can’t find keywords without an account here. After creating the account you have to follow the same process, first, you have to put the keywords in the search box, then you have to search there. Then you are able to get the list of keywords.

Keyword Surfer:

Keyword Surfer extensions are free apps that help you find keywords to be used in your website content. They allow you to choose from a selection of powerful, related-specific keywords that you can then use as the basis for a variety of your content. It allows you to add keywords to your surf sessions which will help you find the best content on the web.

It is very easy to use. First, you need to add this extension to your browser for use. After that, you can search in the browser and you will see the keyword beside the search result.

These were just some of the keyword research tools. There are many tools out there, that you can also use. With these tools, you can see the search volume, competition, and much more. In the next part, we will talk about some important keyword metrics.

Important Keyword Metrics

In the best way to do keyword research for the SEO part of keyword metrics, we will discuss some metrics. Which will be very necessary when researching your keywords. So you have to know these metrics. Let’s do discuss it.

Search volume: When you do keyword research, you need to pay attention to the search volume. If you work with keywords that do not have search volume, you will not get many visitors. As a result, your goal will not be met. So we have to keep an eye on the search volume. We will work on keywords that have higher or medium search volume, or lower search volume but no problem, but not much less. If you work with this type of keyword, you can get infinite results. so, think about it.

Search volume over time: The number of times a specific query or set of queries was entered into the engine over a period of time. This data can help determine where the most actionable information is being found on the internet and where the most valuable content is being passed over.

Direction: The general direction in which search volume is moving over time. The most common ways to interpret this data are to determine if a query is increasing or decreasing over time, or if a query is increasing in some areas and decreasing in others.

This will help us in choosing the right keywords. Which keywords are more popular in which country, and you can benefit from working with those keywords in that popular country.

Ranking difficulty: Keyword Difficulty is a factor that determines the difficulty of a keyword to rank for in a search engine. These are measured based on many factors. The higher the Keyword Difficulty, the higher the priority that search engines place on the keywords. 

But you can’t work with higher Difficulty/competition keywords in the first place (if you launch a new website). So you have to work with Medium or Low Difficulty keywords. All these keywords are good for you. In the case of tools, the keywords below 30 are low Difficulty keywords, medium up to 30-50, and high Difficulty keywords above 50.  You can easily see this option in all the keyword research tools.

How to Choose a Keyword

In this part(best way to do keyword research), we will discuss how to Choose a Keyword. Coming to this part means you have a list of keywords. Now you will try which keywords in this list are good for you. Unfortunately, there are no tools that will tell you that this is the best keyword in this list for your website. Each keyword research tool will show you the individual results. So with keyword research tools, you can get just one idea. You have to work with this idea.

So we need to choose the type of keyword that has a higher monthly search volume But less keyword difficulty. And also it is relevant to your keyword. So we try to see through a tool. We will see through the Ubersuggest tool.

I opened this tool and searched by typing skateboard keywords.

Once you’ve entered your keywords into the tool, click “Keyword Ideas” to see the suggested terms. If you’re not sure whether a particular keyword will work for your business, try using different variations of the word. For example, if you sell skateboards, you might consider entering “skateboard for kids ” instead of just “skateboard.”

Once you’ve found some good keywords, you need to analyze them. Are they too broad? Too competitive? Do they match your brand? Make sure that you’re using keywords that are relevant to your business and that you can actually rank well for.

Here I get one keyword that difficulty is medium. So, you can work with this keyword. Here we also see that this keyword search volume is 100 and organic difficulty is 32. This keyword you can choose for your website content. Because we know that we can choose keywords that have good search volume and low competition. So in this way you can choose keywords.

Repeat as necessary in content

If you’re looking to rank high on Google, you need to make sure that your website has relevant content. This means having pages with keywords that match the terms people use to search for your product or service.

There’s no need to repeat keywords throughout your entire post. Instead, focus on using one or two keywords at the beginning of each paragraph. This will help readers understand what you’re talking about without having to read through an entire sentence. In that case, remember to never do keyword stuffing.

Frequently Asked Question
What is a focus keyword?

Focus keywords are words that are used in your article to help the reader understand what the article is about. For example, if your article is about The Beginner’s Guide to Keyword Research, you might use the word ‘Keyword research’ as a focus keyword.

What is the LSI keyword?

LSI full form Latent Semantic Indexing. This is a keyword that is related to the focus keyword. It is basically semantically relevant.

What is the purpose of keyword research in SEO?

The purpose of keyword research in SEO is to help you find the right keywords that will rank well for your desired search terms. When a search engine spider finds keywords related to your business that are also searched for by your target audience, they will usually conclude that they are the right keywords and rank your site higher.

What is the best free keyword research tool?

The best free keyword research tool is probably Google’s Keyword Planner, which is the most powerful tool Google has ever developed for doing keyword research. It’s been the most powerful keyword research tool for years (and that’s even BEFORE it became cool to use it), and it hasn’t changed much in years. I highly recommend trying it out if you’re serious about finding good keywords.

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